Friday, 8 December 2017


This is just to let people know about my Instagram. I post random stuff and my food posts tend to get a generally positive reaction. The link to my other blog, the gluten free one, is in my bio on Instagram. So if you want to check it out, have a look @eamon.ahern12 . I wrote a brief post about my Instagram on my other blog as well and am doing a series of blogs about giving your diet a complete overhaul on the gluten free blog.

The dish is beef medallion in cherry reduction and a side of mixed greens and sauerkraut. More about that on my Instagram. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Train the Trainer

So I was talking to a fella I know yesterday, who's a trainer/instructor in the ETB in Raheen in Limerick, and telling him how I'm applying to be a volunteer mentoring young people in an attempt to add diversity to my cv while looking at a career change. He suggested that I do a train the trainer course and I could potentially get a job as a solas (ETB training centre courses) instructor. The only feasible one is done through NUIGalway but it's done in your own time with regional workshops every so many weeks or months to hand in assignments and go through assessments. So it'd suit me from the point of view of not having to relocate to attend a college. My personal adviser above at Turas Nua tasked me with finding out more for my next appointment when I told him about it.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Ideas Are There

When I started doing yoga last September I bought the cheapest fitness mat I could find. It was a foam mat. My yoga teacher told me it was better for the likes of pilates as it wasn't a proper yoga mat. When I eventually got a proper yoga mat the fitness mat ended up idle in the wardrobe. 

I had an idea in my head for a few weeks but never got around to it until now. I measured the length and width of the mat and marked out 5 sections long by 4 sections wide and cut the segments. I was going to stack them all together but found that might be a bit too high. So I divided them into 2 piles. Maybe slightly flatter than intended but when I get more flexible they'll be just right I'd say. 

I wrapped them in duct tape and now I have 2 homemade yoga blocks. 

They'll come in handy for sitting in a cross legs position, sitting with the soles of the feet together & knees out wide position, and, practising jumping from downward facing dog to feet between the hands - which we've done in yoga class before. Indeed anything where a block is needed in my practice. 

I can't quite get my legs low enough to the ground in a cross-legged sitting position due to a lack of flexibility in the lower back and tightness in the hips (and possibly anterior pelvic tilt) so the block will help me sit with better posture without too much pressure on the lower back and hips.
Like my younger brother says: "the ideas are there, only to think of 'em."

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Another Yoga Update

Beads of sweat and another endorphin high from another great yoga class. I'm finished the second six-week run of vinyasa flow classes. I had intended to try a power flow class next week to see if my body is ready for it but I had bad back pain during the weekend and will need to allow time for my body to recover. It's a pity this setback happened but I'll try and keep my mind in a good place and drop in to vinyasa flow classes until I'm ready. Power flow classes are drop in and I paid for ten drop in classes tonight and was told it's valid until November. I intend using the card for the drop-ins during the next nine weeks. She takes a break for the summer in nine weeks time until September. Just as well because it's hot yoga and those intense heaters would take a lot out of you in the warmer summer months I'd say.
I go into how I got on in this evening's class with a bit more detail in my other, gluten free, blog if you want to check that out, eamonglutenfree dot blogspot dot ie (no need for the www) is the address I think.
Just want to say that yoga class is usually the highlight of my week and while my body isn't as flexible as I'd like it's putting my mind in a good place with a more positive outlook on life and learning to love myself a bit more.

Monday, 6 March 2017

A Word of Warning

I was looking for smooth almond butter for when I first made grain-free bread last year. I picked up the Lifeforce brand, read the ingredients & allergen section of the label, bought it and went home. Luckily before I opened it I read the other side of the label and it said it was produced in a place that also handles gluten. I took it back to the shop and got my money back.
While shopping in Dunnes stores in Tralee  yesterday I noticed that the same brand of nut butter had been moved from the nut butter, honey, jam section to the free from section. So any coeliacs, especially newly diagnosed, should not immediately trust a food item just because it's in the free from section. Be very wary of Lifeforce products because of the cross contamination risk. Dunnes, among other supermarkets, also put spelt flour beside the gluten free flours. Spelt is a type of wheat. It has a lower gluten content than regular wheat but that doesn't matter. It still has gluten in it so avoid!