Friday, 7 August 2009

I've been working on some writing in my room. Started because I was bored one evening and decided to put a film idea I had to paper. It started out about an actress who has an inspirational moment in her life that leads her to doing charity work in Africa as part of an effort to see more of the world. But I had an idea of a sub-plot of a couple who's relationship is strained because she needs time before she can get intimate with her husband again after the birth of their baby and this leads to him fantasising about that actress instead. I haven't got to this part yet, but eventually he'll end up joining the actress in Africa(which is not how the film ends). Anyway, I ended up writing more about what I had intended to be the sub-plot and now it's really the main plot instead. There is a lot more drama in that part. But we'll... or at least I'll see how it turns out.
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