Monday, 19 April 2010

USB connection

Got a little usb adapter for the memory card in my phone. So now I can upload videos to youtube from a computer instead of wasting credit on an mms message to my personal youtube email address for uploading videos. I was in Argos on Thursday coveting other stuff I could use if I could afford them. Then I came across the little usb device. When I checked the stock checker, just out of curiosity, it was cheaper than the price listed on the catalog so I got one. There was also an adapter in the pack to for using the mobile phone memory card the same way as a digital camera memory card, but I have one of those already. I better not lose that usb device because it's tiny but very handy. I was also able to cut and paste a naughty video from my mobile to my memory stick that I use for school so now people who might look at videos on my mobile can look as much as they want now because I've nothing to be ashamed of. I'll post a photo of the device when I have time.
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