Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Coalesce into one

Why do some British feel the need to change the voting system? Sure, proportional representation is fairer in the long run. But it's easier to work in a smaller population like Ireland's. We in Ireland have had coalition Governments for the past 2 decades. Britain has it's first since the end of world war II. So their method consistently produces a majority. If it ain't broke...!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


What if Cameron gets to No10 with the support of unionists in Northern Ireland? He said to Tommy Gorman on RTE News yesterday that he will respect the democratic decisions that lead to the Good Friday Agreement and intends to keep pushing forward with devolution of policing and Justice in Northern Ireland. This is good because it ensures civil rights for nationalists. But I hope he realises that his party, lead by John Major, helped to initiate the whole peace process when he and Albert Reynolds signed the Downing Street Declaration in the early 1990s. So he must keep with the tradition of civil and democratic rights for all, despite his supposed pacts with unionists.