Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ferrari, punishment! What punishment?!

I wouldn't have begrudged Ferrari that victory in Monza if they had been properly punished for their rule breaking in Germany. Team orders that get one driver to pull over and let another win are supposed to be banned. This is race fixing in my opinion. In any other sport race or match fixing is seen as corruption. Take horse racing for example. If you have 2 horses racing from the same stable they are supposed to race and jockeys can get fined for not trying to win the race. One jockey deliberately slowing to let another win is not allowed. This should be the case in formula 1. Every driver should have a relatively* equal chance to win a race. Unpredictable outcomes make for a more exciting race. That's what it should be, A RACE. It's not American wrestling. Fans of the SPORT of motor racing don't want to see a COREOGRAPHED PROCESSION. A suitable punishment would have been to disqualify Massa from the championship and dock all of Ferrari's constructors points up to the German Grand Prix. This would completely discourage drivers from pulling over and constructors from race fixing and favouritism. Mark Webber should be seen as a hero for his performance in Silverstone. "Not bad for a no.2". Notice how ex-Ferrari team principal is now F.I.A. president! Notice how they got a fine of around 1% of their annual budget! Formula 1 could be seen as corrupt to an outsider.
*Relative to their resources
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