Saturday, 12 November 2011

Funny thing happened...

A funny thing happened to me one evening - Nov 9th to be exact. I was on my break at work when I got a text message. It was a random number that I didn't recognise. It read: "Vicky you were amazing again last night. Michael x", to which I replied: "Thanx Michael. I'm always amazing. Trouble is though... I'm not Vicky. I'm not even a woman! You'd want to double check her number against the one you just texted". Michael replied with "Am so sorry". "No problem" was my response. I was half tempted to pretend to be Vicky to see what he'd text next, but I decided to be kind rather than cruel. He was obviously surprised  by the response he got. A funny little interlude I thought I'd share with the world. Vicky obviously made Michael (+353876524494) very happy the other night.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Didn't move after all

So I had all my stuff moved to a different apartment. I was about to start my second week in a row of night shift at work. It was a Sunday and my week of night shift starts at midnight Sunday until 8am Monday morning. I tried to get some sleep because I hadn't been to bed that day. There was an annoying dog out the back of the apartment block barking so loudly that I could hear it even with the windows closed. I went to bed but it was no use. The constant barking kept me awake. I got up and managed to doze off for less than an hour on the couch before the barking woke me again. So I struggled through work that night. When I returned from work before 9am the dog was still barking! So I went back to the apartment I was supposed to have moved out of because I still had the keys. I slept for a few hours. That helped me make up my mind to return to the apartment on O'Connell street. It's not great but at least I have tv channels there and I can get sleep when I need it. So I'm less likely to go insane there. I moved my stuff back over the course of the following week of nights. I'm back there now. I still don't like living in Waterford. But I think I'm a bit more comfortable where I am.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Moving to a new apartment

So I'm moving out of the apartment in O'Connell street this weekend. Unfortunatly the landlord didn't make all the terms of the lease clear to me. If he did I wouldn't have signed it. He has registered the lease with the private residential tenancies board. Under current legislation, barring eviction, I cannot end the lease before the 12 months are up, which means I have to find someone to take over the lease from me in order to free myself of it and fully comply with the regulations. The landlord did not ensure that I was fully aware of the regulations for leasing before I signed. This is really frustrating. None of this was written in the lease that I signed either. I'll have to make sure a new tenant is not caught out like I was. I have some issues with the appliances and wiring and structural issues in the apartment, which is why I want to move out. So while all the red tape might be taken care of on his side, he is not totally fulfilling his duties as a landlord either. I just want to be gone from that place. I don't want to live there anymore.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Alisha Madison - a new found respect

Generally I try to keep the content of this blog SFW. But the person this blog is dedicated to, well I know her from her performances that are NSFW. It might get long-winded but as long as Alisha Madison understands it, if she reads it, then that's all that matters. A few years ago I discovered an adult movie (yes, that kind) performer who went by the stage name Ms. Panther. I became a fan. I purchased a few explicit dvds that featured her. I friended her on myspace and joined a yahoo group that she had. I even contacted her on those sites. I never subscribed to her official website because I did all my internet browsing through the internet cafe. I would have subscribed if I had my own internet connection but the reasons I didn't have are a whole different story. Anyway she replied to messages I sent her on myspace and replied to posts I put on her yahoo group. So I got a sense of her being genuinely kind and considerate towards her fans. She used a share of the money from her performances towards her college and I think that choice, rather than exploitation, made her "safe" to watch if you understand what I mean. An intelligent, college-educated, beautiful and sexy woman from a good family background doing adult entertainment was part of the appeal, with her kind, considerate nature towards her fans being another aspect to that appeal.
Then things changed. I couldn't really do anything about it, but it was her choice. She said that she went for a consultation to have some cosmetic surgery. Personally, I don't approve of cosmetic surgery and I don't want to be exposed to it or anyone that had it. In my opinion surgery for purely cosmetic reasons is wrong when you consider that there are people who need life-changing surgery for healing but cannot afford it and go without, sometimes risking their lives! I told Ms. Panther exactly how I felt about her decision on her yahoo group. Then I dumped the dvds I had of her and unsubscribed from her yahoo group and removed her from my myspace friends. I don't know if she ever went through with the cosmetic surgery and I'd rather not know unless she can confirm that she definitely didn't and her whole body is as natural as nature intended it to be, free of any "nip/tuck".
Because of the fact that she was such a kind lady (and I consciously used the word lady), I got curious earlier this year and decided to do an internet search just to see how she was getting on and if she was even still performing. Last I heard before that was that she was engaged and planning to leave adult entertainment. I discovered she had changed her name to Alisha Madison. She was still performing in explicit scenes and her engagement didn't work out.
Recently I discovered a horrible website by accident. I was looking at another adult star and it lead to me checking out a website that she performed on. *Warning! P.G. Recommended* I won't say the name of the site because I do not want to give it publicity it doesn't deserve. Let's just say that the whole premise of the site is white men who get black women to allow themselves to be sexually abused. I was disgusted by it. And shocked that 2 of my favourite women from adult entertainment were on it. Now I love a good sex scene and looking at naked women. Whether it's something like Halle Berry in Monster's Ball or Kate Winslet in The Reader or the type of explicit material that attracted me to Ms. Panther initially. Nothing wrong with a bit of heavy spanking and roleplay either in the RIGHT CONTEXT. But there is a line I will draw, beyond which is abuse and bad exploitation. The website that disgusted me crossed that line.
I recently read a blog by Alisha Madison where she turned down numerous offers of more and more money to be on this website. I have to say, my level of respect for her went up immediately when I read that. Something else prompted me to write this blog. Recently I went for a free consultation to see if I would be suitable for laser eye surgery. I clicked on a link on the internet for a chance to win free surgery. The consultation would be free anyway. It turns out I would be suitable for a Lasik proceedure. I didn't get the free surgery and the price quoted for the recommended proceedure would be 4,700 Euro. I don't have that kind of money so I won't be following through on it. Some would see this as a cosmetic surgery, which would make me a hypocrite in some people's minds. I see it as a corrective proceedure and would never do it for cosmetic reasons. But the fact that I went for the consultation in the first place makes me understand why someone like Alisha Madison (or Ms. Panther as she was known back then) would go for her consultation and gives me an insight into the mindset of someone considering any surgery that isn't "life-saving" necessary. So with this greater understanding and the fact that Alisha refused to do that website, I have a new-found respect for her. I hope she achieves her goals in life, love and career.
Respect to you Alisha, from Eamon Ahern.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


This is a Mazak Integrex 200-iiis CNC machine. One of two Integrex machines that I operate at work. The other is an Integrex 100, which is a slightly older machine that, I'm told, Mazak don't make anymore. The machines combine turning with milling to have the capability to produce a variety of different parts in one operation that standard CNC lathes and milling machines would not be able to produce on their own. The operating software on the Mazatrol 640mt Pro for the Integrex 200 is Windows 2000. We produce a variety of different parts for the precision engineering, aerospace and medical devices industries.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Fás, work and Makosi

A quick catch-up on what's been going on. So I left Fás early to start my new job with Schivo in Waterford. I must try and post a few photos of the last machined projects I did on the course, including the computer-aided manufacture test. I took a day off work to go back to Limerick to do the test. It had turning on one side and milling on the other. The turning went perfectly first time, considering it was my first attempt at programming a CNC lathe with the alphacam. The milling was very finnicky. I'd like to have used a smaller tool for certain aspects but the job was already set and I didn't have time to change it. Anyway it went well when I got the program corrected and running. I'll try to get a photo on a future blog.
I moved to Waterford recently. At the moment I'm being trained on Mazak Integrex 200 and Integrex 100 machines. I really enjoy the machining aspect of it. But the pressure is always on when I'm doing the many, many checks on each part. Trying to find them on the drawing and going all around the factory floor to the various different measuring devices is so time consuming after I've taken ages to find the different elements of the drawing to be checked. Hopefully it'll be easier as I become used to the parts. Every part is new to me at the moment. But I do enjoy the machining end of things. Good to be in employment and being pressed to do overtime when so many in the country are out of work.
I was catching up on Makosi's blog today. That psycologist who "scientifically proved" that Black Women are the least attractive is an eejit! To me they are the most beautiful women in the world. That psycologist was London-based according to the blog. I wonder did he(she?) carry out his study in a country where black people are in the minority and would there have been a different result otherwise? I wonder did he ask insecure men who were intimidated by black women and don't know what they're missing? The other thing Makosi mentioned was IRA bomb threats. Well Makosi, I'm Irish and proud to be so. I do not approve of these terrorist gangsters who don't deserve the name IRA. They only bring shame on Ireland. I would love to see a 32 county Irish Republic. But I'd rather see a peaceful 26 in the republic alongside a peaceful 6 in the north, than a troubled and violent 32. The true Irish idea of a republic is of a peaceful democratic nation with a Taoiseach as head of government and a President as head of state. Those terrorists do not deserve to be called Republican and are not a legitimate Army. The TRUE Irish army on foreign soil is when they are on United Nations PEACEKEEPING missions. So Makosi has every right to be proud to be a black woman and her reaction to terrorist threats is a rightful refusal to give them legitimacy.
Oh! While I think of it. I'm sorry to read that that racist stuff was said to Makosi. That's not fair on her or anyone.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Program adjustment

I had to go on the cnc machine in Fás today. A part I made earlier had a circle missing from the middle of it. There is a photo of the (now incomplete) part in the blog post "computer-aided manufacture". One of my colleagues on the course pointed out that it was missing. I checked the drawing on the alphacam and, sure enough, it was in the drawing but I forgot to put a machining operation on it so it never came out in the program. It was easily fixed on the cam, but the machining aspect was a bit finnicky. After setting the only tool needed, I put the part in the vice and zeroed it using the probe. I ran the program from the tool change line for the work I wanted doing. So it machined the circular pocket perfectly and went on to clean the corners of the square pocket that the 4 holes are in. But this left a bit of roughness and a burr on the bottom of the square pocket so I had to go into the cam, do another pocket cycle and run it again. So most of the day today was taken up with correcting one small toolpath omission from alphacam. But it was good practice in case I come across changes to parts in my future work with Schivo Group. I am starting in their Waterford facility on the 9th of May.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Machine Cover CAM

On the Machine again today. A lot more machining and some practical and theory tests before my course finishes. But not enough time because I'm expected to start a new job soon. Worse again is the fact that I'm off 'til Wednesday and then another bank holiday the following week. So I don't know how I'll cram all that's needed to earn my certs in such a short space of time. Some of those that hadn't a clue should not have come on the course in the first place. It's their getting bogged down that's slowing the rest of us. Anyway, I'll keep flat out with the machining and necessary paperwork until I'm due to start my new job. Hopefully there will be an aptitude clause somewhere in the conditions for earning the cert. I hope to get a go at the big Mori Seiki machine next week. I was told I'd at least get another chance to observe and learn. I have a program ready if I get to set up the tools and run it. Tweaked the lathe program as well today and that's ready to run also. Anyway, the part in the photo is called "Machine Cover". It's just a CNC milling exercise, it's the type of machining you would do for that type of component. It was fairly straight forward. Just 4 tools. The tricky part was facing the excess material off the bottom. I had to go back to the computer twice to adjust the toolpath in the CAD/CAM to get it right. But the alphacam is so much quicker than editing the program at the machine. It was an enjoyable project though because it kept my mind active.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Computer-aided Manufacture

This is the latest part machined on the Bridgeport CNC milling machine. It was programmed using Alphacam. The drawing is converted to Heidenhain programming language for the machine (as opposed to I.S.O. G-codes) and there is usually a minor edit or two at the machine before machining starts. There is a 30 degree countersink in the 4 holes inside in the square pocket. The curved slot is 8mm wide but machined using a 7mm slot drill and a pocket function from alphacam. It was an interesting exercise for the different shapes that needed to me worked on the part. I'm back on the mill tomorrow, although I also have the next lathe part programmed. The next lathe part has 2 internal diameters bored out to 28.5mm and 40mm with an M30 internal thread that has a pitch of 1.5mm. So there's a bit of machining to do... Which I like!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


On the Lathe today. Essentially these are the same part with different threads. It was a threading exercise. The thread is M36 with a pitch of 2. The 1st on the left has a right-hand thread, the middle one has a left-hand thread and the one on the right has a double start right-hand thread. They are 3 modifications of the same program. The right hand thread was done using a conventional threading cycle. The left hand one was achieved using the same cycle but adjusting the Z axis co-ordinates so that the threading tool runs in the opposite direction. The double start was achieved by doubling the pitch and doing 2 runs - the 1st from Z4 and the 2nd run from Z2. It was a very interesting project. Later we're supposed to be doing a part with internal threads that screw on to these. Hopefully I'll get to mill some of my remaining CAM programs next though. I've 3 programs ready to run on the CNC milling machines.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Found a clothing bank

I went to the banklink to get dinner money before FAS the other day. Coming out from the city centre, turn right at the roundabout at the entrance of Raheen Industrial Estate. There's an A.I.B. and a Centra on the left behind the hotel down that road. There's a clothing bank behind them in the car park. So if I've to get rid of any old clothes while I'm still in Limerick, I'll know where to go.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Latest lathe part

I was machining all day today. First I had to run the part I was milling since yesterday. Had to adjust the tooling and edit a very finicky program but got it eventually. I then had to go to the CNC lathe to machine the part in the photo. Everything went fine until the M20 thread at the end. I didn't know anything was wrong with my program until I heard a bang. I had an R0.5 in the G76 threading cycle. This told the machine to do a 0.5mm finish pass, which turned out to be too much for the tool tip and it broke. I compared my program with a colleague's and the finish pass should have been 0.05mm. After the tool insert was changed, the corrected program ran smoothly. I learned from the mistake.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Machining today

Was on the Bridgeport CNC today. Made a mistake with the program. Had most of the part run when I spotted the mistake. Decided to correct it in the NC editor and this lead to me making a mistake that made one tool go too deep and ruined the part. So I took it into the computer and had the mistake rectified in the CAD/CAM in less than 5 minutes. I transferred the tool offsets from the original program to the corrected one so that I wouldn't have to set the machine all over again. I'll run the part tomorrow morning, 1st thing. It's a part that I ran before but programmed on the CAD/CAM this time so it's in Heidenhain rather than G-codes. If you look at previous blogs you'll find a square part with 10 holes tapped M6 x 1.0. I used the same program number as last time too, since it's the same part - P110. That's the part I'm running again. I'll be doing new parts as well as part of my CAM training. Plus further CNC lathe work as well.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

New clothes

I bought new clothes today. This is the top I got. I also bought a shirt and a hoodie. The buttons on the v-neck are for show and don't close, which I didn't realise until I got home! Anyone know where there's a clothing bank in Limerick so I can properly dispose of the old worn out clothes that the new ones are replacing?

Friday, 25 March 2011


Sunday, 27 February 2011

cnc m.40


Friday, 18 February 2011

Must find a way.

I must try to upload photos to this blog again soon. It's the only disadvantage with my Nokia E5. When I had Sony Ericssons, I could upload a photo straight from the phone. Usable wi-fi hotspots are few and far between and I don't own a computer. I have to prioritise. I need to get a job and a girlfriend and driving lessons before investing in a computer and an internet connection of my own. Until then I'll have to make do with internet cafés. But I have photos I want to upload for blogging about my computer-aided engineering course in FÁS.
It's going well(the course), but some people are so slow that they are holding back the rest of us. I was hoping to be learning how to use CNC lathes this week. I have the part run and all the paperwork printed for the CNC milling machine test. But there are still stragglers getting bogged down by it. So I spent today messing with AutoCAD. I'll probably just have to keep on to my instructor and start asking when can I move on to the next thing?