Friday, 18 February 2011

Must find a way.

I must try to upload photos to this blog again soon. It's the only disadvantage with my Nokia E5. When I had Sony Ericssons, I could upload a photo straight from the phone. Usable wi-fi hotspots are few and far between and I don't own a computer. I have to prioritise. I need to get a job and a girlfriend and driving lessons before investing in a computer and an internet connection of my own. Until then I'll have to make do with internet cafés. But I have photos I want to upload for blogging about my computer-aided engineering course in FÁS.
It's going well(the course), but some people are so slow that they are holding back the rest of us. I was hoping to be learning how to use CNC lathes this week. I have the part run and all the paperwork printed for the CNC milling machine test. But there are still stragglers getting bogged down by it. So I spent today messing with AutoCAD. I'll probably just have to keep on to my instructor and start asking when can I move on to the next thing?
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