Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Computer-aided Manufacture

This is the latest part machined on the Bridgeport CNC milling machine. It was programmed using Alphacam. The drawing is converted to Heidenhain programming language for the machine (as opposed to I.S.O. G-codes) and there is usually a minor edit or two at the machine before machining starts. There is a 30 degree countersink in the 4 holes inside in the square pocket. The curved slot is 8mm wide but machined using a 7mm slot drill and a pocket function from alphacam. It was an interesting exercise for the different shapes that needed to me worked on the part. I'm back on the mill tomorrow, although I also have the next lathe part programmed. The next lathe part has 2 internal diameters bored out to 28.5mm and 40mm with an M30 internal thread that has a pitch of 1.5mm. So there's a bit of machining to do... Which I like!
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