Thursday, 21 April 2011

Machine Cover CAM

On the Machine again today. A lot more machining and some practical and theory tests before my course finishes. But not enough time because I'm expected to start a new job soon. Worse again is the fact that I'm off 'til Wednesday and then another bank holiday the following week. So I don't know how I'll cram all that's needed to earn my certs in such a short space of time. Some of those that hadn't a clue should not have come on the course in the first place. It's their getting bogged down that's slowing the rest of us. Anyway, I'll keep flat out with the machining and necessary paperwork until I'm due to start my new job. Hopefully there will be an aptitude clause somewhere in the conditions for earning the cert. I hope to get a go at the big Mori Seiki machine next week. I was told I'd at least get another chance to observe and learn. I have a program ready if I get to set up the tools and run it. Tweaked the lathe program as well today and that's ready to run also. Anyway, the part in the photo is called "Machine Cover". It's just a CNC milling exercise, it's the type of machining you would do for that type of component. It was fairly straight forward. Just 4 tools. The tricky part was facing the excess material off the bottom. I had to go back to the computer twice to adjust the toolpath in the CAD/CAM to get it right. But the alphacam is so much quicker than editing the program at the machine. It was an enjoyable project though because it kept my mind active.
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