Monday, 4 April 2011

Machining today

Was on the Bridgeport CNC today. Made a mistake with the program. Had most of the part run when I spotted the mistake. Decided to correct it in the NC editor and this lead to me making a mistake that made one tool go too deep and ruined the part. So I took it into the computer and had the mistake rectified in the CAD/CAM in less than 5 minutes. I transferred the tool offsets from the original program to the corrected one so that I wouldn't have to set the machine all over again. I'll run the part tomorrow morning, 1st thing. It's a part that I ran before but programmed on the CAD/CAM this time so it's in Heidenhain rather than G-codes. If you look at previous blogs you'll find a square part with 10 holes tapped M6 x 1.0. I used the same program number as last time too, since it's the same part - P110. That's the part I'm running again. I'll be doing new parts as well as part of my CAM training. Plus further CNC lathe work as well.
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