Friday, 29 April 2011

Program adjustment

I had to go on the cnc machine in Fás today. A part I made earlier had a circle missing from the middle of it. There is a photo of the (now incomplete) part in the blog post "computer-aided manufacture". One of my colleagues on the course pointed out that it was missing. I checked the drawing on the alphacam and, sure enough, it was in the drawing but I forgot to put a machining operation on it so it never came out in the program. It was easily fixed on the cam, but the machining aspect was a bit finnicky. After setting the only tool needed, I put the part in the vice and zeroed it using the probe. I ran the program from the tool change line for the work I wanted doing. So it machined the circular pocket perfectly and went on to clean the corners of the square pocket that the 4 holes are in. But this left a bit of roughness and a burr on the bottom of the square pocket so I had to go into the cam, do another pocket cycle and run it again. So most of the day today was taken up with correcting one small toolpath omission from alphacam. But it was good practice in case I come across changes to parts in my future work with Schivo Group. I am starting in their Waterford facility on the 9th of May.
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