Friday, 27 May 2011

Fás, work and Makosi

A quick catch-up on what's been going on. So I left Fás early to start my new job with Schivo in Waterford. I must try and post a few photos of the last machined projects I did on the course, including the computer-aided manufacture test. I took a day off work to go back to Limerick to do the test. It had turning on one side and milling on the other. The turning went perfectly first time, considering it was my first attempt at programming a CNC lathe with the alphacam. The milling was very finnicky. I'd like to have used a smaller tool for certain aspects but the job was already set and I didn't have time to change it. Anyway it went well when I got the program corrected and running. I'll try to get a photo on a future blog.
I moved to Waterford recently. At the moment I'm being trained on Mazak Integrex 200 and Integrex 100 machines. I really enjoy the machining aspect of it. But the pressure is always on when I'm doing the many, many checks on each part. Trying to find them on the drawing and going all around the factory floor to the various different measuring devices is so time consuming after I've taken ages to find the different elements of the drawing to be checked. Hopefully it'll be easier as I become used to the parts. Every part is new to me at the moment. But I do enjoy the machining end of things. Good to be in employment and being pressed to do overtime when so many in the country are out of work.
I was catching up on Makosi's blog today. That psycologist who "scientifically proved" that Black Women are the least attractive is an eejit! To me they are the most beautiful women in the world. That psycologist was London-based according to the blog. I wonder did he(she?) carry out his study in a country where black people are in the minority and would there have been a different result otherwise? I wonder did he ask insecure men who were intimidated by black women and don't know what they're missing? The other thing Makosi mentioned was IRA bomb threats. Well Makosi, I'm Irish and proud to be so. I do not approve of these terrorist gangsters who don't deserve the name IRA. They only bring shame on Ireland. I would love to see a 32 county Irish Republic. But I'd rather see a peaceful 26 in the republic alongside a peaceful 6 in the north, than a troubled and violent 32. The true Irish idea of a republic is of a peaceful democratic nation with a Taoiseach as head of government and a President as head of state. Those terrorists do not deserve to be called Republican and are not a legitimate Army. The TRUE Irish army on foreign soil is when they are on United Nations PEACEKEEPING missions. So Makosi has every right to be proud to be a black woman and her reaction to terrorist threats is a rightful refusal to give them legitimacy.
Oh! While I think of it. I'm sorry to read that that racist stuff was said to Makosi. That's not fair on her or anyone.