Saturday, 1 October 2011

Alisha Madison - a new found respect

Generally I try to keep the content of this blog SFW. But the person this blog is dedicated to, well I know her from her performances that are NSFW. It might get long-winded but as long as Alisha Madison understands it, if she reads it, then that's all that matters. A few years ago I discovered an adult movie (yes, that kind) performer who went by the stage name Ms. Panther. I became a fan. I purchased a few explicit dvds that featured her. I friended her on myspace and joined a yahoo group that she had. I even contacted her on those sites. I never subscribed to her official website because I did all my internet browsing through the internet cafe. I would have subscribed if I had my own internet connection but the reasons I didn't have are a whole different story. Anyway she replied to messages I sent her on myspace and replied to posts I put on her yahoo group. So I got a sense of her being genuinely kind and considerate towards her fans. She used a share of the money from her performances towards her college and I think that choice, rather than exploitation, made her "safe" to watch if you understand what I mean. An intelligent, college-educated, beautiful and sexy woman from a good family background doing adult entertainment was part of the appeal, with her kind, considerate nature towards her fans being another aspect to that appeal.
Then things changed. I couldn't really do anything about it, but it was her choice. She said that she went for a consultation to have some cosmetic surgery. Personally, I don't approve of cosmetic surgery and I don't want to be exposed to it or anyone that had it. In my opinion surgery for purely cosmetic reasons is wrong when you consider that there are people who need life-changing surgery for healing but cannot afford it and go without, sometimes risking their lives! I told Ms. Panther exactly how I felt about her decision on her yahoo group. Then I dumped the dvds I had of her and unsubscribed from her yahoo group and removed her from my myspace friends. I don't know if she ever went through with the cosmetic surgery and I'd rather not know unless she can confirm that she definitely didn't and her whole body is as natural as nature intended it to be, free of any "nip/tuck".
Because of the fact that she was such a kind lady (and I consciously used the word lady), I got curious earlier this year and decided to do an internet search just to see how she was getting on and if she was even still performing. Last I heard before that was that she was engaged and planning to leave adult entertainment. I discovered she had changed her name to Alisha Madison. She was still performing in explicit scenes and her engagement didn't work out.
Recently I discovered a horrible website by accident. I was looking at another adult star and it lead to me checking out a website that she performed on. *Warning! P.G. Recommended* I won't say the name of the site because I do not want to give it publicity it doesn't deserve. Let's just say that the whole premise of the site is white men who get black women to allow themselves to be sexually abused. I was disgusted by it. And shocked that 2 of my favourite women from adult entertainment were on it. Now I love a good sex scene and looking at naked women. Whether it's something like Halle Berry in Monster's Ball or Kate Winslet in The Reader or the type of explicit material that attracted me to Ms. Panther initially. Nothing wrong with a bit of heavy spanking and roleplay either in the RIGHT CONTEXT. But there is a line I will draw, beyond which is abuse and bad exploitation. The website that disgusted me crossed that line.
I recently read a blog by Alisha Madison where she turned down numerous offers of more and more money to be on this website. I have to say, my level of respect for her went up immediately when I read that. Something else prompted me to write this blog. Recently I went for a free consultation to see if I would be suitable for laser eye surgery. I clicked on a link on the internet for a chance to win free surgery. The consultation would be free anyway. It turns out I would be suitable for a Lasik proceedure. I didn't get the free surgery and the price quoted for the recommended proceedure would be 4,700 Euro. I don't have that kind of money so I won't be following through on it. Some would see this as a cosmetic surgery, which would make me a hypocrite in some people's minds. I see it as a corrective proceedure and would never do it for cosmetic reasons. But the fact that I went for the consultation in the first place makes me understand why someone like Alisha Madison (or Ms. Panther as she was known back then) would go for her consultation and gives me an insight into the mindset of someone considering any surgery that isn't "life-saving" necessary. So with this greater understanding and the fact that Alisha refused to do that website, I have a new-found respect for her. I hope she achieves her goals in life, love and career.
Respect to you Alisha, from Eamon Ahern.
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