Friday, 28 October 2011

Didn't move after all

So I had all my stuff moved to a different apartment. I was about to start my second week in a row of night shift at work. It was a Sunday and my week of night shift starts at midnight Sunday until 8am Monday morning. I tried to get some sleep because I hadn't been to bed that day. There was an annoying dog out the back of the apartment block barking so loudly that I could hear it even with the windows closed. I went to bed but it was no use. The constant barking kept me awake. I got up and managed to doze off for less than an hour on the couch before the barking woke me again. So I struggled through work that night. When I returned from work before 9am the dog was still barking! So I went back to the apartment I was supposed to have moved out of because I still had the keys. I slept for a few hours. That helped me make up my mind to return to the apartment on O'Connell street. It's not great but at least I have tv channels there and I can get sleep when I need it. So I'm less likely to go insane there. I moved my stuff back over the course of the following week of nights. I'm back there now. I still don't like living in Waterford. But I think I'm a bit more comfortable where I am.

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