Friday, 14 October 2011

Moving to a new apartment

So I'm moving out of the apartment in O'Connell street this weekend. Unfortunatly the landlord didn't make all the terms of the lease clear to me. If he did I wouldn't have signed it. He has registered the lease with the private residential tenancies board. Under current legislation, barring eviction, I cannot end the lease before the 12 months are up, which means I have to find someone to take over the lease from me in order to free myself of it and fully comply with the regulations. The landlord did not ensure that I was fully aware of the regulations for leasing before I signed. This is really frustrating. None of this was written in the lease that I signed either. I'll have to make sure a new tenant is not caught out like I was. I have some issues with the appliances and wiring and structural issues in the apartment, which is why I want to move out. So while all the red tape might be taken care of on his side, he is not totally fulfilling his duties as a landlord either. I just want to be gone from that place. I don't want to live there anymore.
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