Saturday, 12 November 2011

Funny thing happened...

A funny thing happened to me one evening - Nov 9th to be exact. I was on my break at work when I got a text message. It was a random number that I didn't recognise. It read: "Vicky you were amazing again last night. Michael x", to which I replied: "Thanx Michael. I'm always amazing. Trouble is though... I'm not Vicky. I'm not even a woman! You'd want to double check her number against the one you just texted". Michael replied with "Am so sorry". "No problem" was my response. I was half tempted to pretend to be Vicky to see what he'd text next, but I decided to be kind rather than cruel. He was obviously surprised  by the response he got. A funny little interlude I thought I'd share with the world. Vicky obviously made Michael (+353876524494) very happy the other night.
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