Friday, 10 February 2012

Healthier Eating

It's my intention to alter my diet and eating habits. Not for any major health reasons really. Just trying to eat in a way that costs less. You see I have been lazy in recent weeks when it comes to cooking. Putting so much energy into job hunting and emailing companies and sorting out social welfare and exploring the possibility of looking for work visas for beyond the EU has meant I just want to go to places like subway and supermac's for dinner and also plonk myself in front of the tv with food that takes little or no preparation in the evening. So, apart from subway and breakfast, I'm eating a lot of  processed and junk foods. But my social welfare hasn't come through yet and what money I have will last a finite amount of time. So if it happens that I don't find a job before my savings run out, even on social welfare, I'll have very little to live on after my rent is paid. So I have to try and come up with a reasonable food budget now so that I'm prepared for that eventuality. The plan is to stick with my regular breakfast: cereal, toast with marmalade or jam and tea. I have a plan in mind that will mean I eat moderate portions 4 to 5 times a day. That way their isn't too much time between meals so I shouldn't be too hungry. I can have fruit and tea as a late morning/early afternoon snack. Lunch can be a roll with mayonnaise, meat, tomatos and salad. Dinner can be mixed vegetables boiled in a pot. I'll try to include chicken or fish with dinner when I can afford it. I reckon I could keep myself reasonably fed on that plan. It will mean no more going to Kylemore Cafe for my Sunday dinner though. I'll miss that treat. But I'll try the plan starting next week and see how the budget works out. I'll try to buy the food for the week in one go. At least the stuff that won't go off in less than a week anyway. If I do it right I could have a food budget of less than 40 Euro per week. Whatever I have left after rent could go towards unexpected necessities, cleaning products and travel expenses for going to job interviews. That brings me back to my means of applying for jobs - email! I'll have to cut down my internet cafe visits to one a week if I have to depend on social welfare for income. But hopefully I'll have a job soon and won't have to worry. But it's good to have a plan in place. I think I'll stick to the new eating plan even when I get a job. The savings could mean indulging in life's little luxuries.
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