Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Social Welfare, Medical Card and Jobs

My Social Welfare came through today. I got backpay due since January bar 3 weeks in February and March that I was working. But I'll have to be careful with it until/unless I get a job because my outgoings will be more than my income. I had to go to the Social Welfare office first because I needed a replacement card. They gave me a temporary one and I presented it at the post office with photo i.d. to collect the payment. After getting that I went to the HSE office with my medical card form and the lady there was very helpful. She ensured I had all my documentation correct and even gave me an envelope with a sticker attached that had the postal address on it. But I had to post it myself. All medical card applications for the country are processed in a single office in Dublin now, I'm told. Then I had to come here to apply for a CNC Machinist job I spotted in a magazine. So that was what I got up to today. I must investigate the possibility of uploading pics and posting blogs from my phone as I'm here.

Would like to post from phone

Haven't posted anything to this in a while so I thought I'd make use of it. I would love it if I could get it to upload from my phone like the old Sony Ericssons. Google should do something for uploading from android phones anwhere in the world. I must investigate further.