Friday, 28 September 2012

Latest Progress in Job Hunting

I follow Force India Formula 1 team on twitter. They tweeted a link to their new jobs section on their website. I had a look and there was a machinist position advertised. I have a certain level of CNC machining experience. Part of the job description involved working with Heidenhain programming. While I have not used it in a working environment, I am familiar with it trough my training in Computer-aided Engineering and I have a Heidenhain progamming manual saved in a pdf file on a memory stick and in google drive - which I can access on my android phone. So I clicked on the "Apply" link and started to fill out the pdf application form. That's when things started to go wrong. I ticked the submit box and nothing happened. I clicked on save and it saved to my computer.There was no upload link that I could see. When I printed, some of the details were in the wrong boxes and the tick marks were in open space. So I tore it up and binned it. I filled out the form through my phone using the adobe app and signed it and saved to google drive. Then I checked the site again was still unable to find an upload link or button. Not even an email address. I would have printed and posted but the closing date is Sunday, which meant the closing date would be already gone by the time it leaves Ireland. I wish they had an upload button where you could submit application forms and CVs and cover letters. At least it would have got me noticed. Maybe even got me considered for an entry level position which I would gladly accept just to get my foot in the door. But now I'm left disappointed because it's a job I could have learned and built up to if my level of expertise wasn't quite where they required. So now I'm left disappointed.
This setback only spurred me on to check the job sections of other F1 teams' websites. I submitted my name in another team's website. But I registered through facebook months ago and I'm not too keen on mixing business with facebook. It also means they have to ask me for a copy of my latest CV. My facebook page is not something to inspire potential employers to hire me. It's a place for family, friends and entertainment only.
While I'm between jobs I would like to do a Fás course simply because it would fill a gap in my CV and I'd be better off than the dole financially. But there is a waiting list for what is suitable and those don't start for a few months. I have a meeting on Tuesday with Waterford Employment Services to discuss course options.
I recently gave my CV to a local recruitment agency as well. They had a job in Dublin in mind for me but I got a call from them today to say that the company in Dublin is not interested in me. It's the old catch 22. Can't get a job due to lack of experience. Can't get experience because I can't get a job. I wish a company would take me on and give me proper training and experience in programming. I can program CNC machines. I just need experience to build up confidence, competence and versatility required by companies.
This was as much of a rant to vent frustration at companies lack of faith in me as it was an update on my progress.