Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Latest Jobseeking Developments

I phoned a guy about a CNC job in Tralee this morning. A job I know I'm qualified to do 66-75% of. "Training will be provided" was in the job description, so I know I would pick up what I didn't know quite quickly. He turned me down because he wants to give it to someone local. I told him I'm from Kerry originally and there is nothing for me in Waterford. But he was already convinced in his own mind that it wasn't worth bringing me all the way from Waterford for a job that's part-time to start with and will probably be temporary anyway. I could have tried to be even more convincing but he could find someone local by the time I make the move from Waterford and I got the impression that he didn't want to commit to anything yet because he doesn't know the full extent of the workload from the new customer yet. So I have to keep looking. I might phone him in a couple of months just in case he has more work coming in. I might be in Kerry then anyway. I'm looking for a way out of Waterford. I'm seriously considering getting out of here in the next few weeks anyway, even without a job. It's not nice living here anymore.
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