Thursday, 18 October 2012

Life is not fair

Let me start with yesterday. I saw a CNC Milling programmer  job advertised. I gave a good look at the job description and, even though I would love to do that as a job, I decided not to apply. The job description was very specific about the type of experience they were looking for in applicants and said only apply if you have this experience because those that don't won't be considered. I don't have any experience in 3D CAD. That was one of the specific requirements. If I had, I would have applied.
I missed the chance to get into a decent 3D CAD course run by a 3rd level institution because I discovered it too late. It was free to people on jobseekers allowance. It started at the end of September and I didn't know about it until the 2nd week of October. It would have given a major boost to my chances of employment. I applied for another 3D CAD course today, that is not starting until March. It's not ideal but it'll improve on what I already know. At least if I don't find any job in the mean time I should have that to fall back on. But I need something now. I'm caught in a trap now.
My savings will have run out by the end of the month. My last chance to look for work beyond Ireland is slipping away because I can't afford to relocate anymore. I can't get work here because employers keep IGNORING what is a professionally prepared, up to date CV with references. I have got calls from Canada, The Netherlands and the UK, so I know my CV is up to scratch. I had to let the Canada idea go months ago because of money issues to allow myself to keep the UK and Europe open as options. Europe is out now and the UK is slipping away fast. I can't afford to get out now. So I'm caught in an unemployment trap. Can't get a job anywhere and where there has been interest, I can't afford to go there anymore.
Today was a particularly depressing day. The Mercedes formula 1 team tweeted that they were giving graduates the chance to get work experience in formula 1. It's not fair because I'm not an academic. I didn't go to college. The conventional education system does not suit everyone. I'm at least at the same level as the best of those graduates in specific roles. I want to learn on the job and not sitting in a classroom doing theory. Some of the anti social behaviour that students get up to can be a nightmare for families and professionals living near student accomodation yet they can always look forward to the best jobs if they have the right piece of paper in their possession after college. All my learning is just as relevant as theirs but I don't have their piece of paper so I can't get a job without the right kind of experience. But it's a catch 22. How can I get the experience if companies won't give me a chance? I have sent CVs to Formula 1 teams and tried to fill out applications and kept an eye on the motorsports jobs market. So It's not like I haven't tried. Life is so unfair. I am very jealous of those young people who are going to be handed my dream job and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

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