Friday, 5 October 2012

My New Glasses

These are my new glasses. I got them in optical express. To be honest, they were a lot more expensive than I would have liked. I went for an eye test just under 2 weeks ago as much to check the health of the eyes as to replace my old glasses which had flaws in the lenses. My perscription had changed a bit as well. They confused my eyes a bit because of the right needing to be a bit more adjusted than the left. I'm wearing them now as I write this and there is that slight strain of a new perscription lens, but I need to get used to them. I'll keep the old ones as spares for an emergency. The old ones didn't have the focal point of the lens centred correctly to my eyes. But I got used to them and have them 2 years. The other thing when I first started wearing the old ones was the frames dug into the side of my head behind my ears and had to go back to specsavers to have them stretched out to relieve that. The new frames felt comfortable instantly when I tried them on today in optical express. The only issue will be getting used to the new lens strength and differently (hopefully better) centred focal points.
I like the new spectacles so far. But I don't expect to go to that much expense again. I won't say how much they were but they were too expensive. So I'll shop around and price lenses before committing to an optician when my next eye test is due.

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