Friday, 9 November 2012


I woke up Tuesday morning and felt as though the fluid was bubbling back into my kidneys as though my bladder was too full. So I tried to go to the toilet but I was stood there for a good while waiting and nothing was coming out. It was about 6:00 so I went back to bed. I felt backed up and uncomfortable but I managed to get a bit more rest. The following day I made an appointment to see a doctor. The receptionist said she couldn't fit me in unless it was urgent. I decided to risk the early Thursday slot. I managed to go a couple of times during the day but it was difficult to get a decent flow. I started to worry. But I ate and drank as normal during the day. I went to the doctor the next morning after breakfast. She examined me and couldn't find anything wrong with my bladder or kidney area just from the feel of it. She was quite abrupt with me and this made me uncomfortable, making me worry more. She took blood and arranged a scan but she said it'll take weeks for the scan appointment and probably around 2 weeks for the blood test result. Before I left I asked if there was anything more she could do and she said not at the moment. So I went home anxious and upset but not able to tell her how I was feeling because she was so abrupt with me during the examination. I was not really able to go for the rest of the day and, worried at the prospect of having to put up with this until either something went wrong or the scan appointment letter came through, I decided to go see the doctor again. She examined me again but said pretty much the same thing. So I told her exactly how I felt about nothing being done and how upset I was. She said worrying about it was only making me more tense so making the problem worse. She also said it was difficult to feel if things were genuinely worse down there with an empty bladder. The only thing I had to eat that day was an orange. No appetite from worrying. She gave me a prescription for something to ease my nerves and help me relax and stop worrying.
I went home and tried to go and amazingly there was a bit of a flow! I had a long overdue breakfast at around 4:10 in the evening after drinking plenty water. There wasn't much of a flow but I managed to go twice more. I'll keep drinking fluids and keep trying like the doctor said. If I experience any pain over the weekend the doctor told me where the out of hours caredoc place is and I have their number anyway.
I never got the prescription tablets. I'm just going to try to wind down from the stress of this week on my own. Also if I do experience worse symptoms I don't want to be too chilled out or drowsy to do anything about it. Maybe I would have relaxed enough to function properly if I'd taken them. But I don't want to depend on pills for emotional stability. I'd rather get that from a nice girlfriend. I'm looking if there are any nice ladies out there!
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