Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fantasy Race Track (Part 2)

In my previous post I described the Formula Opel circuit which runs through a village. Now I will describe the Grand Prix circuit which was designed beside it a couple of years later. I will try to describe it how I reckon a formula 1 car would get around a lap.
The lap starts at the bottom of the picture. Out of the final turn and downhill past the grid markings flat out in top gear. At the bottom of the hill is a tight right and out of turn one you go uphill to a bridge over pit lane exit. The original design went right straight after the pits but I lengthened the straight to make space for more pit garages recently and the pit exit was influenced by the Abu Dhabi circuit in that it goes underneath the track. Anyway, up to third gear by turn two and turning left leveling on to a long straight, underneath the bridge into the paddock, where you reach 7th gear again. Turn 3 is a flat out top gear left and then a downhill straight, still in 7th, to turn 4. This is the fastest part of the circuit, I reckon. Turn 4 is the lowest turn on the Grand Prix circuit. Rising up slightly out of it in 4th gear, it levels off on to another 7th gear straight. At the end of that straight is a flat out kink left up and over a crest and levels (still in 7th) to a long right hand sweep to a left/right s - enter the left in 4th, exit the right in 3rd. The club pit straight is straight on but the Grand Prix circuit turns hairpin left. Out of the hairpin into a double right that's essentially a hairpin right and immediately into a long left hand-sweeper. Accelerating up through the gears along this turn from 1st or 2nd, you get to about 3rd at the right hand kink on to a short bit of a straight. Then it dips down into the tight 2nd gear right hander before the long back straight at the top of the picture. Uphill out of the corner on to the back straight. It levels off as you get to 3rd and starts a slight incline from about 5th gear. Reaching 7th gear along the back straight and keeping your foot on the throttle for the right hand kink that I call the North Curve for obvious reasons. At the top of that hill you change down to 4th gear for the long right hand turn I call TCBS (The Corner Before the esses). Then you level off and change up to 5th gear before reaching a section inspired by the Becketts section of Silverstone. Enter the esses in 5th and exit in 3rd. Then it's a quick blast to another right/left esses with high kerbs and unforgiving run-off to stop cars cutting here. That esses is taken balancing on the throttle in 3rd and exits as you change up to 4th. Then it's on to another 7th gear straight that is slightly downhill. Then it's hard on the brakes and down to 1st for a tight hairpin right, leveling off, into a section I call the left-hand complex. There is a link road to the second last corner that cuts out the left-hand complex but it's really only an escape road. Square left out of the right hand hairpin and a quick blast and up to 2nd gear for the next left. Slightly longer stretch and up to 3rd and feathering the throttle for the next left. Then a quick blast of throttle again and brake and down to 1st for the square right away from the left-hand complex. Then the long straight to the final corner. At the start of the straight you can hear the engine note diminish slightly after changing to 2nd as you go up a short but steep hill. Then it levels off again and you accelerate up to 7th gear. A long blast in 7th for the rest of the lap right around to turn 1. There is a slight incline before the final turn which is the highest point of both circuits. A daunting turn, like 130R at Suzuka in reverse, except wide enough to take a couple of lines through it. It's taken flat out in 7th. Although it was originally inspired by Woodcote at Silverstone. Then it's out of the final turn and downhill past the grid markings for another lap.
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