Monday, 10 December 2012

Driving Lessons

I wanted to post something tonight before I head off to bed but wasn't sure what I should write about. Ever get that kind of an urge? After a brief period of thought I decided to write something related to my driving test which is coming up next weekend. So I'll probably update people on my progress during the week.
Today's lesson went well but I just keep forgetting things because I don't have a car to practice with. I only drive when I'm getting lessons. My instructor doesn't expect me to pass Saturday but he says I'm close. I still haven't got everything together. There are just a few things that haven't clicked into place yet. It'll be a silly mistake that will fail me, in my opinion, not a lack of ability to drive. I'm kind of on the limit of listening to my instructor to tell me what to do and wanting to do it myself. Sometimes, because I get a bit tense in certain situations, he assumes this means I might need coaching so he speaks. This causes me to wait for his instruction so I stop doing what I'm supposed to be doing, usually at the worst possible time. If he'd let me go and do it and I make a mistake, it's ok, I can learn from that. But if he let me go I'm more likely to get it mostly right and he can tell me after the lights/junction/roundabout how I can do it better next time, AFTER we've cleared the hazard. Him speaking to me just before a lights/junction/roundabout makes me hesitate so I don't react in time and makes me more panicky and driving gets more jerky.
Today I stalled at a junction because I forgot to put the clutch pedal down and was probably in the wrong gear anyway. So later on I was in full control at another junction and I wanted to let the clutch pedal up to move a bit further and my instructor had the pedal fully down. It flustered me a bit and I tensed up again because I was no longer in control of the car. I told him this. If he'd left me alone to negotiate the junction it would've been alot smoother. He claimed his foot got in the way by accident, but I doubt it. His clutch and break override the ones on my side and when I needed to let the pedal up to move the car on it stayed to the floor. I think we should practice pulling in, moving off and entering parking spaces more next lesson. My next lesson is Wednesday. I hope to get at least one more lesson after that before my test.

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