Monday, 17 December 2012

Fantasy Custom Drumkit

If I were to have my own custom-made drum kit I would go with Sonor for a few reasons. First of all I am an AC/DC fan and I learned the basics of drumming partly from watching and listening to Phil Rudd. He has played Sonor in both stints with AC/DC. I got into Iron Maiden when Nicko McBrain was already in the band but the first song I could play along with the drums to was Hallowed Be Thy Name, which was recorded when Clive Burr was still in the band. But Nicko played Sonor in his earlier years with the band. The main reason for playing Sonor comes from the musical boom produced from the Sonor kit of Bill Andrews of Death and Massacre. I'm a fan of Death and Bill was drummer in the band on the Leprosy and Spiritual Healing albums. His drum sound is the one that I would want to emulate. Each tom is distinctive and produces an individual note. Some metal drummers' recorded drum sound has the toms giving off a thud or slap or clatter or a bang and it's not always easy to distinguish which tom it is unless you listen carefully to the position in stereo headphones. Bill Andrews' toms were always properly tuned and you had a fair idea what tom he was likely to be hitting from the note it produced, even through speakers that you were standing away to one side of. For that sound quality alone, I would choose Sonor. But I would also include a couple of rototoms which would have to be sourced from Remo. So the drums would consist of  2 rototoms, 5 tom toms from 8" to 14", 16x16 and 18x16 floor toms, double 24" bass drums and a 13x6.5 snare. Hardware including mountings, bass drum pedals, throne and cymbal stands would also be sourced from Sonor. The rototom stand would be sourced from Remo and the gong stand would be sourced from Paiste.
Cymbals and gong would be Paiste because of Nicko McBrain's video of his cymbal setup on youtube and the fact that Dave Lombardo of my favourite band Slayer uses Paiste. Gong, 2 chinas, 4 crashes, 2 splashes, hi-hat and a ride would make up the cymbals. I'd probably source one of those special o-zone crashes with the holes from Sabian though.  I priced everything on the internet. Drums minus rototoms come to €12668.86 from Sonor's SQ2 system. Hardware, including rototoms and stand come to a total of €5202.40. Any hardware not sourced from SQ2 was sourced from thomann dot de forward slash ie. Thomann was also the source for pricing all cymbals. They totalled €3502.00. The grand total for everything before carrier bags/casings (which I did not price) are taken into account is €21373.26. The photo is a rough freehand scribble overhead view of the setup.
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