Monday, 10 December 2012

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Duffle Coats

It seems that styles from the late 1970s to early 1980s are making a comeback in men's fashion trends. I see a lot of corduroy jeans and teacher jackets (the ones with the leather elbows) and patterned man cardigans in the shops along with more natural, earthly browns and greens and cream tones. One I remember well from my childhood, because I used to own one, was the duffle coat. Just out of curiosity, I decided to see what the price of them would be. I was quite surprised to see an €80 price tag on one in Dunnes stores. I thought to myself that I wouldn't have expected to see that price on them in Debenhams. Oh how wrong I was! Thinking I'd see similar prices, I decided to see. I strolled across from Dunnes in City Square shopping centre in Waterford, through Kylemore cafĂ© and into the menswear section of Debenhams. They were as much as a shocking €197 in Debenhams.
Today I wanted to walk off a big dinner so decided to take a stroll around Waterford. The duffle coats entered my mind again. So I decided to sample the menswear section of the main clothes shops and compare prices. I went to Dunnes and Debenhams first to remind me of the prices. Then it was into Pennys where you can get them for €45. After that it was back to City Square to see what River Island had to offer. They have them for a pretty steep €114. Then I thought of Tk maxx. That would be my final stop on the duffle coat price comparison. Tk maxx normally do fairly upmarket labels at fairly affordable prices, but you wouldn't expect them to price as low as Dunnes because of the fact that they are high street labels rather than department store commissioned brands. To my surprise, it turns out that you can buy a duffle coat in Tk maxx for a mere €69.99. That is €10.01 LESS than Dunnes! How about that?!
The verdict is that Pennys is the cheapest but, going on label and build quality, Tk maxx is probably the best value for money. So if you're someone who always likes to be on trend and you don't mind going all 70s/80s in your appearance, a duffle coat is bang on trend and will keep you warm. But I know that we're all a little stretched for cash these days and doubly so at this time of year. So your best option is to go to Tk maxx for a quality product at the right price (ironically Dunnes' goal). But if that's beyond your budget Pennys is a useful option. You'll only be wearing it until the spring and you might be following a different trend next winter. So it might not need to be as durable as the fashion label option.
I'm not trying to muscle in on any fashion blogger's territory or promote or put you off any of the shops mentioned in this blog post. I tweeted the results earlier today and my sister called me a fashion blogger teasing. But it put the idea in my head that this would be something interesting to write about... so I did!
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