Friday, 14 December 2012

Latest Driving Lesson

Test tomorrow. Today's lesson went much smoother. He pushed me to go to 100kph on the dual carriageway. Only minor issues during the lesson. I need to be a bit more confident. Still a few rough edges to smooth off because of that. No major moments today thankfully. A couple of times he reacted too quickly. I was about to maneuver correctly and I knew what I was doing. But he tried to coach me too soon and I doubted what I was doing as a result. I can understand him wanting me to get everything spot on before the test. But he just needs to wait until I get into difficulty before speaking now. That way I will, more often than not, do what I'm supposed to do without his coaching. I said it to him that he spoke too soon when I was able to do the move myself and I started to doubt myself as a result. I'm confident getting up to speed now. It's slowing down from the higher gears and judging my approach to roundabouts from faster roads that are trickier than they seem from the passenger seat. My instructor is giving me one more lesson in the morning before my test. I hope that will benefit me. I probably should have cancelled before 10 days to go (to give me more time without losing my fee) because I'm not quite there yet. I'm probably 2 to 3 lessons shy of my instructor being confident of me passing. But I intend to get out of Waterford after the test, pass or fail. I won't be able to take another test or more lessons until I know where I am and how I'm fixed financially. So I might as well try to pass it now. I must read my rules of the road book tonight because there are 1 or 2 signs that might catch me out in the written part. But my instructor will go over them and show me under the bonnet (the hood if you're an American reader) tomorrow to go over what else I need to know. It'll seriously improve my job prospects too if I can manage a pass. If I pass, I expect I'll only have done the bare minimum to pass. If I fail, I'd rather it be a lot of faults than a single silly mistake. I hope I'll be blogging tomorrow as a fully qualified driver. Fingers crossed!
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