Thursday, 31 January 2013

Missed Opportunity

Got word about a job in Bray before Christmas from a recruitment agency. I waited a month to hear more and nothing came of it. So I moved out of Waterford anyway because when I'm dealing with companies directly they don't normally take that long and I can assume the job is taken. While I was waiting for my social welfare to be transferred from Waterford the recruitment agency got back to me about the job in Bray. I did a phone interview with the company and a meeting was arranged for the following Friday. I couldn't make it because I still had no social welfare money. It was postponed to the following Wednesday. Wednesday came and I still couldn't go because my social welfare still hadn't transferred. I had ran out of phone credit so I couldn't call the recruitment agency. So this made me look bad to the potential employer when I couldn't go for the interview even though it wasn't my fault. You could argue that I wasn't driven enough to make it happen. But it was all done through the recruitment agency. They are too slow to make things happen. If an interview was arranged when I was first told about the job in December I'd be working there by now. A Lesson was learned. It's a missed opportunity. But hopefully in a month or so I'll be in a better position to travel for job interviews again. I'll push to deal with companies directly in future.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

New Script - potential mature cert

I was bored one evening during Christmas because I didn't have enough reception to use my twitter app and there is no longer an internet connection at my parent's. Also, I don't have any games on my phone. So I decided to try the word processor on my quick office pro app on it.
I started writing a new script. I decided to start off with a sex scene to get a potential audience to take notice. Then the guy gets murdered after the woman he met on a dating website leaves. The man's wife (a different woman) and children come home later and discover the body. What follows is the murder investigation. It delves into racy internet dating websites, strippers, criminal gangs feuding and prostitution.
The lead detective is a divorced man going through a mid-life crisis. He visits the strip club and later, when they find out their main suspect (the woman in the sex scene at the beginning) used to be a glamour model and might be a high class call girl, the detective visits a prostitute to cure his own sexual frustration. I'm not holding back on adult themes for the sake of a wider audience so that what it says has more of an impact.
Normally I don't write about these themes on this blog, but I'm just explaining what's going on in the script and not going to go into too much detail here anyway. I'm reaching the point where there are a couple of interesting reveals and twists now. It's a good bit away from being finished yet but I hope I can write the twists well enough that when they are revealed the audience will still want to stay and see what happens.
I don't have a name for it yet.

Friday, 18 January 2013

New Apartment

I finally got out of Waterford. I'm in a posh apartment in Listowel now for far more reasonable rent. Most of my stuff is in a storage unit in Waterford until I start getting paid in Listowel. The Apartment has a bedroom and shower room upstairs and a downstairs toilet and kitchen/living room downstairs. It's nice. As you can see from the photo, I haven't brought my tv back from storage yet. That's my portable dvd player.