Thursday, 31 January 2013

Missed Opportunity

Got word about a job in Bray before Christmas from a recruitment agency. I waited a month to hear more and nothing came of it. So I moved out of Waterford anyway because when I'm dealing with companies directly they don't normally take that long and I can assume the job is taken. While I was waiting for my social welfare to be transferred from Waterford the recruitment agency got back to me about the job in Bray. I did a phone interview with the company and a meeting was arranged for the following Friday. I couldn't make it because I still had no social welfare money. It was postponed to the following Wednesday. Wednesday came and I still couldn't go because my social welfare still hadn't transferred. I had ran out of phone credit so I couldn't call the recruitment agency. So this made me look bad to the potential employer when I couldn't go for the interview even though it wasn't my fault. You could argue that I wasn't driven enough to make it happen. But it was all done through the recruitment agency. They are too slow to make things happen. If an interview was arranged when I was first told about the job in December I'd be working there by now. A Lesson was learned. It's a missed opportunity. But hopefully in a month or so I'll be in a better position to travel for job interviews again. I'll push to deal with companies directly in future.

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