Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Computer, Internet and Writing

I got my computer back from storage and it wouldn't work. When I plugged it in, the on light came on and it made strange beeping noises. I looked it up on the mobile internet and it could have been anything from terminal to a minor repair to a loose connection. This upset me more than the prospect of having no tv channels. I discovered that I didn't need a saorview digital box for my tv afterwards and that softened the blow of a malfunctioning computer a little bit. But I would have preferred the computer to be working for 2 reasons. The first is obvious - the internet. Updating profile info, catching up on emails, facebook and looking for jobs when I'm ready to start going for interviews again. The second reason is that I got into the hobby of writing. I blogged about a script I was working on earlier. It's not finished and I need a computer to work on it and save my progress. If I didn't have tv to distract me I would spend more time writing.
I took my computer down to the local internet place because they do repairs. The guy took my details and said he'd call me the following day. I went back to my apartment and wasn't long settled in front of the tv when he called me back and said it was done. I went down later that evening and he said he tested it a couple of times and that I shouldn't have any problems with it. He said that the ram wasn't connected properly. I took it back to my apartment. Rather than hauling it up the street in my hands, I took it there and back in a suitcase with the computer wrapped in bubble wrap inside. When I got back to my apartment and plugged it in nothing happened. It was nearly 6pm by then so I had no time to take it back before closing. I paid €30 for nothing.
The next day I took it back and there was a different guy there. I showed him my receipt and told him the story. He plugged it in and it worked straight away! I took it back to the apartment and again... nothing! No power. I tried a different lead and different sockets to no avail. I took it back with the lead (which I knew wasn't the problem). He tested the lead and it worked fine. So he tried the computer again. This time it didn't switch on. He disconnected and re connected the power unit from the motherboard and it worked when he plugged the computer in again. He said it might have been the vibration of wheeling it in the suitcase or that the power unit is on its last legs. So I lifted it and carried it back to the apartment. It's working now, but if it goes again I'll know that the power unit needs replacing because I avoided the vibration of wheeling it back to the apartment and it worked when I got back.
So I topped up my credit in the usb internet stick today and I now have a working computer and an internet connection. Good times!
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