Saturday, 9 February 2013


I moved to a new apartment a month ago. I didn't get my tv back from storage until this week. There's a unit on the wall with 2 connections for ariels. I plugged the tv in and didn't expect to get a signal without a digital box, but I decided to see what would happen if I tuned it. Tried the cable tv option on my tv menu and tuned. Nothing happened. So I did the full search option for digital and analogue channels. Again nothing. So I plugged into the second ariel jack and tried again. Still nothing. I noticed that there was an air option, as opposed to the cable one I had tried already. So I gave it a go. No channels detected again. I didn't expect anything from putting it back in the first jack and trying the air option. But sometimes you do something "just in case". It looked like it wasn't doing the full search on autotune so I stopped it to see if it was doing it right. When I stopped it RTE1 was on my tv screen! This was a pleasant surprise. So I restarted the search for digital and analogue channels. 18 digital channels were detected - 8 tv and 10 radio. So now I have RTE1, RTE2 HD, TV3, TG4, 3e, RTE News Now, RTE Junior and RTE 1+1 tv channels. I also have RTE radio 1, radio 1 extra, 2fm, Lyric fm, Radio na Gaeltachta, RTE Pulse, 2xm, RTE Choice, RTE Gold and RTE Chill/Jr digital radio stations. All this without the need for a saorview digital box thanks to investing in a modern full HD flatscreen tv 17 months ago. I'll miss the British channels for things like Formula 1. But I can't complain because of what I get for my licence fee now.

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