Monday, 25 February 2013

Thank You

I was going over the settings in my blog and decided to check viewer and reader statistics and comments. There was a definite spike around June of last year. That might have been the time I was trying to promote the blog more because I tried to monetize my blog. There was as sudden a drop in the latter half of last year. Viewer statistics have risen again since I removed the ads. I also looked at the geographical statistic and, amazingly, Russia was highlighted on the world map. So it's not just where relations and people I'm aware of that have viewed my blog at least once. Even though the numbers are small, I have had more viewers and readers than expected. So I would just like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who either viewed my blog, read at least one post,  follows my blog or those who took the time to comment. Thank you people.
I know the subject matter can be a bit random and non-specific at times and I can ramble and drift off into tangents. But if you think anyone you know would like to read what I have to say on a particular post or a particular subject, please feel free to let them know. The one cautionary thing I will say is that I have it at family and SFW settings. So keep comments family friendly and SFW as well or they won't be seen.
Thank you for allowing this introverted man to be briefly noticed internationally.
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