Monday, 11 March 2013

Taking a Break from Twitter

I'm going to deactivate my twitter account for a while. I'm going to give it a break. I'll only follow the right people for the right reasons in future. Family, friends, formula1 people etc.,  and maybe the odd celeb. Just in case you find some day that I'm not following on twitter anymore. It got to a stage where people would pick up on specific tweets or key words in my tweets and then assume that's what I was about and follow. A few days later they'd realise I said something in passing and unfollow. Stupid! I didn't protect my tweets on twitter so that I could interact with people who didn't follow me like Andi Osho, Venus Williams, Dara O Briain and Formula 1 drivers and teams. It was fun for that. But I'll protect them when I go back to twitter.
I'll be sure to follow my friend Raahatie when I go back.
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