Friday, 29 March 2013

Wok Meal and Oil Choice

I bought a new wok the other day. I got to try it out for the first time today. I like cooking stirfry dinners because they're relatively quick and easy and I get myself involved in the cooking process because it's such a colourful meal. It could have done with a sauce though. Something to liven up the flavour a bit. But it was still nice though.
I prefer to cook with rapeseed oil rather than olive oil or sunflower. First of all there is less smoke. Also there is the fact that the brand I use is Irish. Olives and sunflowers are more suited to warmer, drier climates, so not so easy to produce here. Then there's the nutritional value of rapeseed oil. 99g of fat per 100ml might sound like a lot at first. But only 7.7g is saturated. The rest consists of poly and monounsaturates, omegas 3, 6 & 9. I'm told that olive oil has higher saturated values than rapeseed. Sunflower oil, while it's supposed to enhance flavours better, is supposed to have the highest saturates of the three. Don't know about the other 2 but rapeseed also has vitamin E. So all in all it comes across as quite healthy in my opinion.
So I'll stick with the rapeseed oil and look out for complimentary sauces next time. I won't go for anything too spicy (if spicy at all) anymore though. I like the taste of spicy food but my digestive system has been a bit sensitive of late so I have to be a bit careful about what I eat.
So now that I have a new wok, I'll make sure to use it more often and vary what have been kind of bland but easy dinners since moving to Listowel.

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