Friday, 24 May 2013

Galaxy Y Young - Not a great phone

I don't know how the writing ended up like this but I'll persevere. 
I don't have the Google+ or twitter apps on my phone anymore. The available phone memory was so low that I couldn't update apps and I kept getting low memory notifications. The only way to free up memory was to reset the phone back to factory settings. I also formatted the sd card in the process. So I had to decide which apps to put back on my phone. I went for the ones I thought would be most useful. I left out twitter and Google+. The ones I decided I needed most on my phone were Google Drive, Adobe Reader, AutoCAD 360 and Blogger. I have CAD files stored in drive, that's why I put AutoCAD on it. I also updated the default apps on the phone. That is at least the third time I have had to do that since I got this phone. It has only the bare minimum specifications to be classed in the "smartphone" category. Someone with superior knowledge and technical experience of phones once put a post on Google+ that the Galaxy Y is the worst smartphone on the market in the developed world. I replied to his post saying I own the phone and had to agree with his statement. I read reviews of the phone on the vodafone website and the best reviews it got were from parents who had given one to their child and how it was a tough phone that survived the mishandling and being lost for several days. That is really who the Galaxy Y Young is a good phone for - A younger generation getting an introduction to smartphone use. For me, I need something better at this stage. I don't accidentally abuse it as a child would. I have to hold myself back from deliberately abusing it because of frustration at it's lack of performance and limited specifications at times though. I have had my introduction to smartphone use. I need something more from a smartphone now.
Just a little rant I needed to share with the world to get it out of my system. Now, if only I could afford to upgrade, even only as far as a Galaxy Ace 2 would be an improvement. My dream phone (all it'll ever be at this stage) would be the Xperia Z.
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