Friday, 17 May 2013

Sheet Music

I downloaded free music writing software. The basic usage was good but I was unable to put sharp, flat or triplet signs on it. I also mistakenly ticked on the download boxes for the other free software that came with it. One was a keyboard and the other two were mixing software. It all needed internet access to be used and I had no use for the mixing software so I uninstalled everything again after a half-hearted attempt to try it. Then I did a search for blank music & tab sheets for guitar and printed a single sheet, which is what you see in the photo. I got my pencil and rubber out, because biro would mean untidy scribbles and tipp-ex blotches over mistakes, and started writing. I can go over the finished article in biro later. It's a slow process. Maybe I'll try and download the music writing software again on its own and put in the triplet markings and sharps and flats myself with pencil first and biro when it's ready. It's only an experiment at the moment though.

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