Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rework or Complete Overhaul

I got feedback from Authonomy members about The Foreman Case. One guy said he was thrown by my writing style at first. He said it read like a film script. This was good, I thought, because I adapted it from my film script. He said my style was different. This was good. If all novels had the same feel things would get boring quickly. He didn't seem to have the courage to give a full critique though, because he wanted to wait and see what others thought before rating.That's not a bad thing. His intentions were in the right place.
The next bit of feedback was the critique I had been waiting for. A talented writer, whose work is very funny (albeit a different genre to mine), told me what was wrong and made suggestions as to how to fix it. I knew I took a gamble writing it the way I did but I got lazy about reworking at first after all the work I put into it before putting it online. Thankfully the guy told me that he could tell I put a lot of work into it. So that encouraged me to rework the novel to make it more appealing to the reader.
In order to make the changes needed, I'm not going to edit and rework the first draft. That would be too untidy. I'm going to rewrite the whole thing in a more appealing style and change the layout of the sequence of events in some places. The story will be the very same, just told in a different and less complex way. So the second draft shouldn't take as long as the first and will, hopefully, be easier for the reader to get drawn into.
Most of the first draft is still on the site, bar the first and last chapters, which I've taken down so as not to spoil important plot points and the ending for the reader. So it can still be mostly read in its first draft. But it will have a complete overhaul by the time I'm finished the second draft.
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