Monday, 22 July 2013

Andi Osho

Part of the reason I started following Andi Osho on twitter was because I think she's absolutely gorgeous. She is a very beautiful woman. Following her on twitter lead to me following her blogs. She had a "Love Watcha Got" blog about being happy with your lot (obviously) and feeling good about yourself. It was a very good insight into how we should all make the most of what we have and try to feel good about ourselves and be better people. As well as an interesting insight into her own psyche.
Her other blog was "East End to West Coast" about a girl from the East end of London trying to make it in the weird and wonderful (and sometimes not) world of L.A., aka la la land. The great thing about her blogs (especially the East End to West Coast one) was that she got to the point very quickly and it was always a good one. They were always a great read. Although I still favoured Love Watcha Got because at times it could be a lot funnier.
But now she just has the one blog and she does tend to waffle on a bit. They are very moany and down-beat and there isn't the light-heartedness (if that's a word) of the old blogs. I read the first couple of posts to the end, but it was an effort. Eventually I lost patience and stopped reading one about three quarters of the way through. I thought I waffled on a bit at times, but now I take a look at how long I have to scroll to see where the end of Andi's latest post is and I don't even bother to start reading. It's a pity that this gorgeous, funny, intelligent woman has lost the form as a blogger that she otherwise delivers with aplomb on stage.
She'll probably never read this, but I'll write my message to her anyway. Andi, bring back the type of blog posts you used to write. They used to be just short enough that I wouldn't lose patience and interest. They also had a good point to make and even in the most down-beat posts there was always something upbeat to lift the spirits and usually a witty passage that was true to the form of your public persona. Bring back the blogger that matches that wonderful smile as bright as the sun. You don't have to bring back the old blogs, just write the way you used to on the one you have now.
Ok so now I've waffled on a bit. But at least now people will understand how I feel.
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