Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Audacity Of It

I was converting another tape to mp3 today. I got the device in the photo in Aldi. It's essentially a portable cassette player that connects to a computer via usb. The Audacity software is free to download and you can record in either mono or stereo and edit individual tracks. The thing is the sound quality in the tapes, that haven't been played in years, is quite poor and so the quality of the mp3 is poor. What I need is something to clean the heads of the player after they've gathered the dust and dirt that have collected on the tape. I also need to clean that spongey bit underneath the tape because that collects dirt first and there is a lot of it on the spongey bits of the tapes, as illustrated in the photo.
 'tis a very dark brown.
Can anyone tell me what is good for cleaning the heads of tape players, since I don't think the solutions can be got anymore? I don't think I need to worry about de-magnetizing the tapes because the player is able to play the tapes at normal speeds and they don't get caught and tangled in the heads. It's just the sound quality that's an issue and I did notice dirty tracks left on the heads by the tapes. So what's good for cleaning the heads of cassette players?
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