Friday, 27 September 2013

A Visitor

I had a visitor in my bathroom last night. I got out the measuring tape just to give you an idea of the size of him. He looked a lot bigger than he was because of his leg span. His body was quite small in proportion to his legs. The yokes sticking out of his head were quite big in proportion to his head too, so if that's where his venom is, a bite would be painful I'd say.
I got a pint glass to get rid of him. I put it over him on the wall and he jumped towards my hand when he couldn't drop to the floor. But if he tried to bite in defence, it would've been useless against the glass. I slid a paper on to the top of the glass to stop him getting out and opened the bathroom window. I turned the glass upside down outside the window and released the paper, thinking he had dropped out the window sill... but no!. As I brought the glass back in he dropped out of the still upside down glass on to the inside sill and ran on to the cistern, where he paused again. So I popped the glass over him again, blocked him with the paper on it and took him out of the apartment, down the stairs.

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