Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Gluten Update

A follow on from my post earlier this week. I'm still eating the weetabix, pasta and rolls. I can't afford to waste food so I won't go gluten-free until they are finished. I'll use the last of the bread rolls for my lunch tomorrow. But I bought a kg of pasta, which will last longer than expected. The aldi weetabix comes in packs of 36 and I put 2 in a bowl for breakfast, so obviously I got enough for 18 days. So we're talking another 2 weeks of breakfast with gluten in it.
But it's not all bad news. I didn't need to buy food today, but I did need to get a couple of things from the shop. So while I was in super valu I decided to check out the gluten-free alternatives. I thought gluten-free meant a bigger food budget because I expected them to be very expensive. That's the biggest worry for someone dependent on social welfare for income. But super valu do 500g packs of gluten-free corn pasta for 1.99. When I think of how long the 1kg pack of regular pasta I got is lasting, I could easily make the gluten-free last at least four days, if not more, as part of my dinners. There are also Thai noodles made from rice, which would go nice with stir-fries, although I never looked at the price. Then there's Mrs. Crumble's coconut biscuits. I used to get them from time to time when I lived in Waterford, if I fancied a snack. I didn't realise they are gluten free. The gluten-free bread packets are a bit on the small side. But all-in-all going gluten-free won't be as expensive as I thought when most of the food I normally eat anyway can still be eaten.
It's a relief to the mind to know that. It'll be a relief to my gut when I finally polish off the last of my current food stock that I won't be eating anymore.
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