Saturday, 23 November 2013

Cryptic Conversion

I didn't have anywhere specific to be today so I got out the cassette player, plugged in to the usb and converted another one to mp3. The last one I converted was Megadeth's Rust in Peace. But I went through the process again because it was a bit jerky and skipped a bit. I didn't listen to the whole album again because I wanted to convert Cryptic Writings as well. I hope it's better now. I noticed, while converting Cryptic, that the tape probably became magnetised. It started to slow near the end. So I played the song that was on the other side and then turned back to side 2 and continued with the conversion.  It worked, to some extent, but it might still be a bit jerky.  I'll clean the heads before I use it next. This is probably what caused the previous one to skip as well.
I also copied the converted mp3s from Rust in Peace to the micro sd card in my phone.  An opportunity to use a 21st century version of the Sony Walkman - my Xperia smartphone.