Saturday, 18 January 2014

Gluten bloomin' free

As you can probably tell from the title, I'm not entirely happy. You see, I decided to get a few things before going off the gluten free stuff for the week leading up to my O.G.D. on the 27th. I need to have gluten in my system so that the symptoms will show up that day. No, I am not looking forward to the symptoms but that's not the subject I'm unhappy about
in this particular blog post. Anyway, I got a few gluten free things to keep me going until I do my full grocery shopping later. Aldi doesn't do a specific gluten free section like Super Valu, which is where I got the few things. The thing I'm not happy about is the price. €25.30 for a few items I paid for at the "10 items or less" checkout. I would easily have come in under €20 (if not €15) at Aldi for the same amount of items.
So the plan is to shop as I did before the blood test diagnosis and compare the spend. I think I will save up to €25. Before going gluten free I could budget for between €30 and €40 for groceries each week. Now I stop counting the spend at €50 and there are still a couple of receipts I wouldn't have looked at. I have a short term strategy to deal with it. But, with a much higher percentage of coeliac and gluten intolerant people in this country than the UK, shops in this country need to cater for that market and bring regular shoppers along as a healthy option as well. And those that do already need to give more affordable choice and value to their range.
So the message to Aldi and Super Valu is: give people like me the same type of affordable choices that everyone else has.
P.S. I just want to add something to this. The receipt on the left is for 10 items in Super Valu. The one on the right is for 14 items in Aldi. €25.32 for ten items vs €20.38 for fourteen speaks for itself. If only all the Aldi items could be gluten free.

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