Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lost Contacts

I got a text from a friend last night. I had a fair idea who it was because of the nature of the text, but his name didn't come up with the text just his number in the form of +35387... So I assumed he must have got a new number. I wanted to text someone else today and noticed that all the texts in my inbox bar those from one contact, had only numbers and no name up. The one number I would have known without the name was the one that happened to have the name with it. Anyway, for some unknown reason all my contacts were lost. I went into the contacts app and tapped on a few letters to no avail. I read the texts in the inbox and could tell who they were from because they were all family except for the guy I mentioned at the start. I went to the gmail app, thinking I could recover them from there because my contacts are supposed to be backed up to google. The problem is I can't access a contacts folder in the android gmail app. It was lucky I had my old Nokia E5 stashed in a drawer in the bedroom. I was able to get the numbers off of that, including where I'm doing my internship and my doctor's number. When I finished that sentence I double checked my phone to ensure the contacts are still on it. They are... whew!
A couple of things could have caused it. The first is that it could have happened when I stopped apps and fiddled with settings and moved data to the sd card to clear phone memory - although there is plenty space in the phone's internal memory even without the sd. Maybe it hid my contacts in a way that I don't know how to recover. But I did a thorough search of all the sd card folders and nothing showed up. The other thing, that I think is the more likely of the two, has to do with the twitter app. I downloaded it a few days ago. Whatever it is about the phone software, facebook and twitter have some sort of sync going on with twitter for xperia and facebook for xperia. I just thought of a third probable cause but I'll get to that soon. Back to the twitter issue. When I login to twitter there is a sync contacts on twitter for xperia. I tapped the 'agree' button, thinking it wouldn't do anything. I didn't register my gmail when I opened my current twitter account. So it tried to sync my other email that I use for applying for jobs and registered for online banking and getting electricity bills by email and business like that. None of my contacts are saved there. So maybe twitter for xperia synched my contacts app with twitter and my other email and lost my existing contacts in the process. That's what I think was the most likely cause. I also remembered, as I was writing this, that I recently set up the socialife app to sync with my twitter and facebook so that I could view both feeds at the same time and share news, sport and entertainment stories. Maybe that caused it. I doubt it though because I registered with sony using my gmail.
My contacts are back on my phone now. But I'll be disallowing that sync option when I login to twitter on the android app from now on. I may even delete the app altogether if it gives anymore trouble. You need to be careful what you allow the apps on your phone to do.
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