Thursday, 3 July 2014

CAD 3D Parametric Modelling

I noticed that I haven't done a blog since May, so I might as well do one now. I moved out of Gort. I'm in Tralee now. I'm sharing rented accommodation for the first time in years. But it's OK because my house mate Tom is a nice fellow and we chat like we'd known each other all our lives. He was very understanding when I told him about preparing my food separate from his and using my own utensils because of being coeliac.
I started a course in cad. 3D parametric modelling it's called. I like it. It's different from 2D in that you draw a random shape that's vaguely in the ballpark of what you want it to resemble. Then you constrain the dimensions and that brings it close to a more accurate drawing. After that you extrude the shape and put holes, chamfers and fillets where necessary until it becomes the component you want it to be. In 2D cad you have to be much more accurate from the start and if you need to see it from another angle you have to draw it again from the different perspective. But once the 3D part is drawn you can rotate and swivel it to look at it from any angle on the screen. We just did all individual components at the moment and we're due to move to assembly next. So the 3D cad is great because you can bring different components (saved as individual files) into a single assembly. Also, let's say you needed numerous parts like bolts (all the same size) for example, in an assembly, as long as the correct bolt is drawn once you can insert it in multiple places in the assembly. So it's very versatile. I am looking forward to doing assembly on the 3D cad.
The food situation is not good on the course. When I went to Fás (as it was called then) before I could get a fine dinner for a very low price. Now I have to be more careful because gluten (even cross contamination) will damage my gut. I tried the food in the training centre for a couple of weeks to see how it would affect me. I even told them I'm coeliac but I had pain in my stomach last weekend and minor cramps in the days leading up to that so decided to bring my own lunch from now on. It's the safest way.
Other than that the course is going well. The instructor is always smiling and enjoys a laugh whenever something funny happens. Solas (what Fás is called nowadays) has actually outsourced our course to a Galway company called Cad Services. Although we're still training in Kerry ETB Training Centre in Monavalley. But our instructor is employed by Cad Services. Anyway, that's what I have been up to since I blogged last.

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