Friday, 24 October 2014

The Paleo Diet

I was looking at a book in easons about the paleo diet. It is a diet based on what our hunter gatherer ancestors ate before agriculture started. All grains and processed foods would be eliminated on that diet so it's suitable for coeliacs and people with other inflammatory and auto immune conditions. Corn is safe for coeliacs because it is made up of different amino acids to wheat and other similar grains and so the immune system doesn't detect the gluten which means it can be digested by a settled gut. But technically it is a grain not a vegetable so would be eliminated on the paleo diet. I think potatoes (a staple of the Irish dinner) would also have to be eliminated, especially for diabetics because of a relatively high sugar content or glycemic index. I forgot how the book phrased it because I only browsed through it quickly.
The percentage of meat to fruit and veg is about 60% meat, 40% fruit and veg. Dairy is also excluded unfortunately. I'm not lactose intolerant so I can have dairy in my diet and my dietitian recommended plenty of dairy as the best source of calcium. So I would include dairy as it is mentioned in the book as an allowed non paleo if taken in moderation. I like a bit of meat so I'm glad I can have pretty much as much healthy lean meat as I want if I did try that diet. I think the basic rule was a fist size portion of meat as just over half of a main meal and the rest veg. But I'd have to look at the book again to be sure.
I might invest in it and try it out. But when you are used to certain eating patterns and habits and have a taste for certain delicious modern foods it's difficult to change and meals would need more planning and preparing. Something that I can be lazy about at times. I might give it a go. Maybe invest in the book anyway to motivate me to try.

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