Thursday, 11 February 2016

Lists on Twitter

For me, lists on Twitter are a handy way of sorting out specific profiles I follow. Take, for example, a specific person whose tweets I want to read without scrolling back through my timeline because I'd have to scroll through about 4-5 hours worth of tweets as they're in a different time zone. I just go to the specific list I know the profile is on and select that person's profile. Another example is bands of a specific music genre that I follow or sports stars is another. It's essentially a mini timeline of a specific group of profiles or specific subject matter.
Some people probably have other uses for lists but I don't get putting a random non-celebrity people you don't follow on a list. Especially if the person they put on the list happened to coincidentally tweet something they're interested in as a one-off tweet.
This has happened to me several times. Just before writing this it happened again and that's what prompted me to write it. Why add me to a list based on a subject that I may or may not tweet about again, and if I do tweet about it again it could be years if not days, weeks, months? Also, why do this if we don't follow each other? I don't get why people do that. It seems like a wasted addition to a twitter list to me and making a long list unnecessarily longer.

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