Monday, 2 May 2016

Race Track Doodle 2

Unlike the previous blog post, there are no planned undulations in this circuit. I had a blank sheet of 5mm square paper in front of me. I closed my eyes and came up with the basis of the short circuit option seen here. I completed the circuit with a slight adjustment in places and drew the pits and pit lane in red. But it looked like it was a little bit too short for a grand Prix race track because, if it was to scale (which it isn't) it would take less than a minute to do a lap. So I closed my eyes again and had the basis of the whole circuit and drew that with slight modifications to blend in with the original short layout. The lap is driven in an anti-clockwise direction, as you can see from the direction of the little chequered flag and the position of the grid markings in relation to the pits. There are forty grid markings and so space for forty pit garages. This means that the grid is almost twice as long as would be needed for formula one. I estimate that if this was to scale the main straight would be approximately nine hundred meters long.
The section after turn one would be very fast until turn four. Maybe turn two would be taken a couple of gears back from top because you wouldn't be quite up to speed accelerating away from turn one. A formula one car should have the speed to generate plenty down force to take turn three in top gear. Then there's a chicane and a square right before the circuit splits between the long and short lap options. There's a tight left on to the back straight, a high speed chicane and then a long left that tightens into a short stretch to the esses before the long right parabolica on to the start/finish straight. I would estimate a qualifying lap in a formula one car would be somewhere in the region of ninety three to ninety five seconds. I estimate the long circuit to be about 5.5km, which is about 3.418 miles. 

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