Thursday, 9 February 2017

Yoga Update

My body is still quite tight at yoga. Today my instructor adjusted me during a high lunge. Later I wasn't quite twisting enough during a twist pose and she straightened me and gently adjusted my shoulder back further. I think she might have got and impression of how tight my body still is when adjusting me, at least I hope so.
There was a back bend workshop on Sunday and now I wish I'd signed up for that because it's supposed to open the hips and make you stronger in the core and back and one of the women said she felt very loose after it. Anyway, I'll keep practicing.
Next week is the last week of this run of vinyasa flow but I've signed up for the next 6-week run. I don't know how to progress after that because at the moment I know I'm not ready for the more advanced power flow. I'll see how things pan out.

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